JavaScript MouseOver Tool

JavaScript MouseOver effects are by far the most popular and practical way to create interactive toolbars and other roll-over image changes on a web page. Unfortunatly, creating the JavaScript for these effects can be time consuming and can frustrate even the most experienced programmer.

MHA's Toolbar Wizard (tm) is a JavaScript authoring tool for Windows 95/98/NT that creates dynamic toolbars and  mouse-over graphic effects for the web. Toolbar Wizard allows graphic artists and web designers to easily create and test dynamic roll-over toolbars, menus and graphic effects without needing to learn any JavaScript or HTML programming. If you do know how program in JavaScript and HTML, Toolbar Wizard will still save you hours as it quickly creates code that you can use directly or edit.  The Javascript programming for this page was created in under 4 minutes using Toolbar Wizard. 

This site provides the latest information and resources relating to Toolbar Wizard.  Tour the Gallery to see some tutorial examples of roll-over menus and effects created using Toolbar Wizard.  The Frequently Asked Questions document answers many common questions, and the Mailing Lists provide a way to communicate with other Toolbar Wizard users and developers.